I'm always looking for guys who want to meet and fuck me at outdoor dogging spots, adult theaters and other places. Gangbangs only, no one on ones. The more the merrier. All of my gangbangs are free of charge... I don't want your money, I want your cocks and loads ;)

If you like what you see and want to be a part of the show and be the next in line to fuck and cream me, feel free to join my Party Message Group at my Loyalfans page. There I am organizing all of my sex parties, fan gangbangs, outdoor escapades etc. Joining the party message group is 100% free, you only have to be a follower to join the message group.

Please read the text box below to learn everything about my Loyalfans party message group and how to join it.


1. Go to Loyalfans.com/HotWifeMarion. This is my major content site for quite a while now, there you can find plenty of my movies and photo sets, there I am organizing all of my gangbangs, sex parties and many of my dogging escapades, since it has an excellent message system, which makes the whole process of organizing parties much easier.

2. In case you haven't an account at Loyalfans already, you have to create your personal account there, which is 100% free.

3. Once you have an account at Loyalfans, go to Loyalfans.com/HotWifeMarion and become a follower of my page.

4. Now send me a message (it's free!) that you want to take part in my gangbangs. Tell me your stats (age, country/city, height/weight). Pic of you and your cock would be nice, but is not a must. You can write me in english or german.

5. If everything suits, I will then add you to my PARTY MESSAGE GROUP at loyalfans. All followers or subscribers who are interested in joining my gangbangs are bundled in this message group.

6. Once I am looking for some cocks, I will send out a mass message to all guys of the Party Message Group, with some details of the upcoming gangbang, e.g. date, time and place.

7. If you want to join that specific gangbang, write me back by answering that message.

8. Now you're getting the final invitation with all party details and that's all. Join the party and have fun 😉




1. Loyalfans subscribers preferred! When I'm looking for example for five guys and three subscribers and ten followers want to join the party, the three subscribers will get the invitation at first, followed by two of the followers (of my choice).

2. You are aged 25-69, clean and disease free.

3. All of my gangbangs, sex parties, outdoor escapades etc. are free of charge. However, there are locations where you have to pay an entrance fee to join the bang (especially adult theaters), just like me. But don't worry, I never do gangbangs at places where the entrance fee is higher than 20 bucks.

4. Unless otherwise stated, you have to put on a rubber if you want to fuck my puss. However, I love to have your load on my puss, so feel free to cum on my puss. All oral fun is always without condoms. I love to get your load on my face or in my mouth.

5. All guys can use me as often as they like. You are a quick cummer and then just want to enjoy the show and return later for a second ride? No problem. I even love that!

6. My gangbangs aren't professional video shoots! There's no director, no script, no one who gets paid for it. It's a SEX PARTY where I just want to enjoy all your cocks... where you can fuck me, cream me, laugh with me, talk to me. So... just join the party, relax, use me, have fun.

7. You have to agree that my husband is filming the gangbangs and that we use that footage for my websites. You can always put on a mask to hide your face (we even recommend that!).

8. No one on ones! Gangbangs only! So, you always have to share me with other guys... 😉






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