I'm always looking for guys who want to gangbang me!
For all current dates and plans, watch below. You can find the full party scheduler with all party details in the member area. The party scheduler will get updated frequently.

Every male member of my website (no couples, no girls, no trannies... MALES ONLY!) can join my gangbangs and fuck me (multiple times, if desired).

Participation is 100% GUARANTEED as long as you meet the following criterias:
…. You are a member of my website.
…. You are clean and 100% disease free.
…. You are at least 25 years of age and not older than 70.
…. You are a straight guy. No bi's, gays, subs, slaves.
…. You have absolutely NO PROBLEM with being on cam. We are filming all of my escapades and all that stuff will get published on my websites and fan pages. You can always put on a mask (we even recommend that).
…. You are willing to travel. I don't travel. You have to travel. I'm enjoying my gangbangs in Central Europe.


…. Unless otherwise stated you have to put on a rubber if you want to fuck my puss. Yes, I love creampies, but that doesn't mean I let each and every guy bareback and creampie me. However, I like to have your load on my puss after you have fucked me. All oral action is always without rubbers, of course. I also like to get your loads on my face and tongue ;)

…. Minimum number of guys at my gangbangs is 5. The more the merrier. Members always get the invitation at first. Then, if there are still not enough guys for my needs I will fill the party up with guys from my social media, loyalfans, or with random guys at the specific outdoor spot or theater.

…. All guys can use me as often as they like. You are a quick cummer and then just want to enjoy the show and return later for a second ride? No problem. I love that!

…. My gangbangs aren't professional video shoots! There's no director, no script, no stage direction, no one who gets paid for it. It's a SEX PARTY where I want to enjoy all your cocks and hubby beside trying to get all loads on cam ;) So, just relax, use me, have fun.

…. I don't have any financial interests. All gangbangs are free, always. But note, some locations require to pay an entrance fee, such as Adult Theaters. These fees are never higher than 20 Euros.

To me this is not a job, it's pure fun and I love what I do. Thus I also like to get in 'deeper touch' with my members. If everything fits and the chemistry is right, you can also get an upgrade from a 'guy who joins a gangbang from time to time' to a 'regular', usually after a couple of sessions.

- Out of sequence sessions
- Direct connection to hubby or me via mobile messenger
- Longer and deeper sessions and fun, even 1 on 1's or threesomes (only you, me, hubby)
- Bareback, creampie and breeding fun (if you can provide a current STD test not older than one week).

Write me at - PARTY E-MAIL ONLY FOR MEMBERS - with the following details: Your age, weight, height, size of cock, location (country, town). Also, always add the party code into the subject line of the email, so I can clearly see which gangbang you want to join.

Once again: Participation is 100% GUARANTEED for every member who meets the criterias and agrees to the notes above!

Friday, March 08, 2024 – Gangbang at the Adult Theater – All party details in the member area

Friday, March 15, 2024 – Outdoor gangbang at a local dogging spot – All party details in the member area

Thursday, March 21, 2024 –
Outdoor gangbang at a local dogging spot – All party details in the member area

Wednesday, March 27, 2024 – Adult Theater or Outdoor Gangbang (depending on weather conditions) – All party details in the member area

Friday, April 05, 2024 – Outdoor gangbang at a cruising area – All party details in the member area

… more plans coming soon!




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