My name is Marion, I'm a slutwife with a never ending hunger for cocks. Welcome to my life! I'm no girl of the industry, I'm a real woman, a real wife that loves to have fun with guys. Lots of guys. The more the merrier. Call me a true gangbang cum slut... I'm happy about that.

I started swinging 20 years ago and quickly my husband started to take pics and videos from all my kinky escapades. I had my first gangbang in 1997, my first gangbang with 20+ guys in 2000, my biggest gangbang was a party with over 100 guys. By the time I'm writing these words over 5000 guys have fucked and creamed me... and I'm still counting since I'm still doing dogging and gangbang escapades frequently.

On my website you always get TRUE REALITY PORN. Nothing is staged here. There are no scripts, no actors. My escapades take place at real public locations, such as Adult Theaters, rest areas, public beaches, clubs and pubs and so on. Most of the guys using/fucking/creaming me are real strangers... guys I've never seen before. Now lean back and enjoy my naughty swinging life. [read more]










This is a brand new escapade, filmed on September 16, 2020. You know, from time to time I like to do escapades on my own, without getting escorted by my husband. It just makes me incredibly hot to get used without having him by my side and he likes to watch me having fun afterwards... by watching the video. Of course I can't do these solo escapades at the local dogging spots or porn theaters. Just would be potentially dangerous for a single woman to visit places full of horny men without having a watchdog behind her. So, whenever I want to do things on my own, I have to arrange that meeting and the best way to arrange it is to invite some members to bang me. And this is exactly what happened here: While my husband stayed at home, you can watch me having a lot of fun with some of my members at a forest road. Of course I had to place another ad at my party scheduler, where I was looking for some guys to breed me, which I did three weeks ago. And now here are the results.

This time I wanted my members to breed me... again and again. I just love to get multiple creampies in my puss. I limited the number of guys to a maximum of five, because I wanted them all to use me multiply and having a good and satisfying time with me. Finally there were four guys joining the party and once I had given them masks, they immediately started to use me. And these guys were on target! They took turn on me, again and again and all of them shot their loads in my puss. All in all I got 10 creampies that day. Awesome! Please note: Since there was no one escorting and filming me, all scenes were filmend with my cams on tripods, one inside and the other one outside the car.

Details: Duration 26 min. Format MP4. Quality HD (1000 MB). Download and stream.


I enjoyed two beach holidays in 2020, the first one in June and the second one in late July. This set with nearly 100 photos displays a hot escapade shot in June. You can also view the movie of this day in the member area. There are two beaches that are well known as good dogging spots to have some fun with random strangers. These beaches are far away from the tourist areas and guys often cruise these beaches to look for couples who let them watch having sex... and sometimes a girl invites these guys to let them use her. Girls like me. Usually I prefer to let random strangers fuck me on those nude beaches, but due to the corona pandemy I was completely clueless whether there are guys running around and looking for fun or not. Better safe than sorry and so, two weeks before the vacation, I placed another ad at my party scheduler where I gave out the information to my members that I'm looking for a few cocks to bang me on the beach. Five guys put their hands up and we had a very good time on the beach. It's not just that they fucked me again and again, at one point these bastards even sandwiched me with one cock in my puss and one in my ass. Another highlight is a spontaneous pee scene, as one of them starts to pee and I am just opening my mouth for the load. I was a total slut for these guys and I loved it.


A brand new escapade once again, filmed in August 2020. And a few more cocks and loads for my 2020 sex challenge. You know I like to explore new places and dogging spots. It's boring to visit the same places again and again, so one of my favourite things of wasting time is to check out new outdoor places. My husband read about this lake in the internet, which is a smaller one, but which has a fine beach for peoplewho want to take a bath. But apart from that small beach the entire lake is surrounded by bushes and trees. More important we read that this lake is known as a meeting point for doggers, who are cruising the pathes around the lake and looking for someone to have casual sex with in the bushes. So, that lake seemed to be worth checking out and a few weeks ago I visited that place for the first time. I quickly found a good place at the lakeside, but I didn't saw any guys cruising around in the beginning. I startedposing for my husband's cam (the movie starts with these scenes) and then, maybe 10 min later, I felt observed and saw two guys staing amidst the bushes and watching me. Of course I invited them to have a good time with me and once hubby had gave out some masks to hide their faces they had no complaints to use me. All in all I got used by four guys, which makes this escapade surely not a record-breaking one, but nevertheless I had a lot of fun that afternoon ;-)

Details: Duration 21 min. Format MP4. Quality Full HD and SD (1200 and 330 MB). Download and stream.


This escapade happened a few months ago, where you can see me getting fucked by some guys again and again in the bushes of a wooded dogging spot. This is a thrilling place. You can park your car at the nearby rest area and then you only have to walk a few metres into the bushes to find a lot of lonesome and hidden areas where you can do whatever you want. It's a well known meeting area for doggers and swingers. Due to corona crisis I knew there are no doggers at this place, or at least not enough to satisfy my needs and so I had placed another ad at my party scheduler where I had looked for cocks willing to fuck me that day. The rules were simple: No words necessary, just find me in the bushes, drop in, use me and drop out once you are tired of using me. And that's exactly what you can in this set of photos with nearly 100 pics. The guys are fucking me, mounting me in the bushes, again and again. Overall there were not more than six guys using me, but these six really were on fire. For over two hours they banged me into coma and each guy shot at least two loads on me. On my tits, in my mouth, in my puss. Lots of creampie pics in this set ;-)


Another hot gangbang escapade filmed at one of the local Adult Theaters. The movie starts with me showing off at one of the smaller cinema rooms and teasing guys. You can see me attracting attention in front of the cinema screen. This theater is a huge one, with several cinema rooms, lots of video boothes and some dark rooms. You can have fun wherever you want. An awesome place for a whore like me, usually there are no other women at places like these. Only guys hanging around there, watching porn movies, sometimes with their hard-ons in their hands. Once they notice me, they usually stop doing what they do and follow me at safe distance. Here you can watch me sucking and fucking a first guy in front of the screen, before I'm cruising to one of the dark rooms and place myself on some kind of a stand which looks a bit like a gyno chair. Now I am in a perfect position to get easily fucked by every guy who wants to fuck me. Quickly I'm surrounded by lots of guys and the first one starts fucking me, while I'm sucking off two other dicks to simultaneously. That's the starting signal for a raw and rough gangbang, where I'm getting used by the entire audience... in the true sense of the word. You can watch all these guys taking turn on me. Some fuck my puss, some fuck my mouth, I'm getting load after load. As usual, this is true reality porn, no staging. All these guys are random strangers, people I've never seen before. Awesome!

Details: Duration 25 min. Format MP4. Quality Full HD and SD (1400 and 380 MB). Download and stream.


This was an awesome fuck party at a motel at the highway. You know, one of these overnight places where the rooms are cheap and nobody cares about what happens in the rooms. A good place for a slut like me to welcome guys and have fun with them. This time I had placed another ad at the party scheduler in the member area where I told my members that I want them to be the next in line. But I wanted to have fun with as many guys as possible and so I placed the same ad at another dating site for swingers, where I offered myself for a non-stop free gangbang at the motel. The number of guys who wanted to join the party was overwhelming. Over 50 guys wrote me, finally I sent out invitations to 20 guys.

At the end there were 15 guys joining the party, five members and ten more from the dating site. I knew that I couldn't service all guys at once, since the room was too small for nearly 20 people and so I had managed it to invite them step by step. A few guys at the beginning, some more guys an hour later, more guys two hours later and so on. The plan was to get constantly used by a few guys at once, with some leaving the party and new guys arriving. And that's exactly what happened. For nearly four hours I got fucked by 15 all in all. Usually I got banged by two or three men at once, with a peak of seven guys being in the room at the same time. I had multiple orgasms... what a great party!


This is a brand new escapade, filmed on August/28/2020 in the bushes of a truck stop at the highway. During the entire movie you can see and hear the cars rushing on by beyond the bushes behind me. Very exciting! If all these clueless drivers knew what happens in the bushes a few metres away ;-) But to begin at the beginning. It was the first time I visited this dogging area at the highway. I had only read about thisplace so far. A large truck stop at the highway with a huge wooded area surrounding it, converted by doggers into a meeting area for horny people. That's what I heard about this place and it sounded exciting. It is fairly far from my hometown, but last weekend I finally managed it and checked this place out.

As I arrived I saw lots of cars and trucks parking and many guys standing at their cars or walking around and watching at me as I left my car in my mini skirt and fishnets. A few guys came closer and I quicklychatted with some of them. As I then went into the bushes a few minutes later they followed me. I found a good place in the woods, only a few metres away from the highway and placed myself on a blanket, waiting for the things to come. Two more courageous guys came to me and I served them orally without hesitation. One of them started to fuck me and now I saw more strangers coming along the path and watching the show. From now on my husband gave out masks to everybody who wanted to fuck me. And for the next two hours I enjoyed a surprisingly HUGE bang, with 10 different guys fucking me all in all, with some of them using me a second and even third time. It's not a lie when I say that the guys stood in line to fuck me. Awesome!Now here comes the first movie filmed that day, displaying the first half of the bang. The second part is coming soon.

Details: Duration 20 min. Format MP4. Quality Full HD and SD (1200 and 320 MB). Download and stream.


I'm looking for many cocks to have fun with at the local theaters, especially in the upcoming colder months, October 2020 to February 2021. So, as a member feel free to email me and be a part of the show. The more cocks the merrier. I have no financial interests. I want your cock and cum, not your money.

Here's how it works: Go to the party scheduler you'll find in the member area, send me an email to the address you'll find there and tell me a bit about yourself: your name, origin, age, weight, height and size of your cock. Then I'll put you on a list and once I decide to visit a theater I will send an email to all guys on that list, a few days before I'll be there. If you have the time, just answer me and in return I'll send you another mail with all details (adress of the theater etc.).

The rules are simple: You have to be at least 21 years of age, clean and disease free. You don't mind being recorded by my husband's cam (you can put on a mask). You don't mind sharing me with other guys... other members and random strangers/visitors of the theater. And if you wonder how it looks like if we have fun together, just take a look at this week's brand new photo set, where you can watch me having fun at one of those theaters, shot in early 2020. By the way, in the member area you'll find dozens of movies from my theater escapades, where you can watch me getting used by hundreds of men.


This one was filmed during my summer holidays in July 2020, at the bedroom of my holiday apartment. Although I prefer to go down and dirty at outdoor dogging spots and porn theaters I do appreciate a more comfortable place from time to time. Usually I don't like to have sex in bedrooms, because bedrooms are boring. And usually I don't like to host sex parties, because it just makes me hotter to get fucked spontaneously at unusual places such like rest areas or porn theaters, preferably by random strangers. But in this case I just wanted to get laid down at the apartment, because I had enjoyed a gangbang on the beach a few days before and now I wanted to get used at a more comfortable place.

So I spontaneously decided to do another party at the lodge on July 22, but it was just two days left and I had no clue how to host a party with a group of guys in only two days. I decided to start a little experiment and placed a tweet at my twitter account where I was looking for some of my followers who want to join the party and use me. It was the first time I tried to host a party via twitter. To my surprise nearly ten followers gave me a note within the next 24 hours and I invited seven of them to the party. At the end five guys approached at the lodge and these guys were on fire! The party turned out to be a true breeding marathon, with all of them fucking and breeding me again and again. The brededing party started in the bedroom and that's what you get in this movie. You can watch all the guys taking turn on me and shoot their loads in my puss. Yummy!


This photo set contains lots of pics where you can watch me having a good time at a rest area again. As usual, this escapade wasn't staged in any way. It's true reality porn, it's real, raw, spontaneous fun with random guys I met for the first time that night. This rest area is one of my favourite dogging spots, a small but highly frequented place, where I always find some doggers who want to use me. It was cold outside, so I wore a white coat and decided to stay at my car and not to walk into the bushes. I opened the tailgate, sat down in the trunk of the car and waited for the things to come. Quickly my car was surrounded by some guys. For a couple of minutes most of them stood in the darkness, looking at me, still hesitating, until one of them had the courage to come closer. I went down to my knees and started sucking him off, then he fucked me in the trunk and shot his load in my puss. A few more guys followed that night, I got fucked by one guy after another, always in the trunk. Two more doggers shot their loads in my puss, another one whipped his cock out and creamed the lips of my vulva. One of those doggers seemed to a true cum pig for himself, he got on his knees and slurped the cream from my puss. Incredible! I just love to let strangers run a train on me like this.


This is the second and final episode of another brand new dogging escapade, filmed in May 2020. This movie displays the second half of the escapade. Due to the corona crisis the best places to get me some cock and cum and to satisy my needs are the local dogging spots. Outdoor areas which are well known as meeting points for casual sex. I know several good outdoor spots within a radius of 50 miles around my hometown, where I always find some guys to have fun with and so having fun at these spots is my favourite activity at the moment. This one was filmed at a large dogging area at the highway. I know this place for years now. There are always many truckers and business travellers coming over from the nearby highway rest stop, cruising around and looking for quick casual sex in the bushes. For a slutwife like me it's a true paradise, especially because I am the only woman at this place usually. In the first movie you could see me getting used by the first few strangers, now in this second and final one I'm back at the benches to attract some attention again and get me more cock. Quickly I'm back in the bushes, where I'm getting fucked by two guys and sucking off a couple more. Then it's starting to rain but that doesn't stop me from continuing serving all cocks who want to be served. Within a period of six hours I served 15 strangers that day. Hot!

Details: Duration 28 min. Format MP4. Quality Full HD and SD (1600 and 460 MB). Download and stream.


This set of photos was taken in July 2020, during my summer holidays, in the garden of my holiday lodge. After I had enjoyed a hot gangbang on the beach in the first days of my holidays (we have launched the beach movie two weeks ago) but I still wanted more! I spontaneously decided to do another party at the lodge on July 22, but it was just two days left and I had no clue how to host a party with a group of guys in only two days.

So I decided to start a little experiment and placed a tweet at my twitter account where I was looking for some of my followers who want to join the party and use me. It was the first time I tried to host a party via twitter. To my surprise nearly ten followers gave me a note within the next 24 hours and I invited seven of them to the party. At the end five guys approached at the lodge and these guys were on fire! The party turned out to be a true breeding marathon, with all of them fucking and breeding me again and again. At first they all fucked me in the bedroom, then they used me in the garden and at the end we returned to the bedroom.

This photo set with nearly 100 pics displays the garden episode, where I get some awesome creampies and facials. You can even watch me getting pissed on. The movies of this hot breeding gangbang at the holiday lodge are coming soon!


A few days ago I have started a new sex challenge where I want at least 100 different guys to cum in my mouth or in my puss until the end of the year. Just go to the sex challenge page to get all details. Now here is the first escapade that counts towards the new sex challenge, filmed only one week ago, on August 07, 2020 at my favourite adult theater. And what a surprisingly massive creampie gangbang that was! During the past few months the local theaters were closed due to the corona pandemy, but now they are reopened since early July. During my first visit after the reopening I had learned that there are signs on the walls, telling the visitors to follow the social distancing rules, to wear a cloth face mask etc. I also had learned that there are not so many guys at the theater like before the corona outbreak and so I didn't expect to have fun with more than 3 or 4 guys at the very most. But I was totally wrong. There were more guys cruising the dark floors than the month before. All of them wore masks and stared at me, as I began cruising the theater and attract attention. Of course I didn't wear a mask and I surely didn't intend to follow the distancing rules, as I placed myself at one of the cinema rooms. To put in a nutshell, during the next two hours I got fucked by over ten guys and sucked off a few more. I don't lie when I say I served the entire audience. I got 20 loads in total, 14 of them in my puss and mouth... the first 14 loads to count towards my new sex challenge ;)

Details: Duration 23 min. Format MP4. Quality HD and SD (1500 and 360 MB). Download and stream.


In 2016 I set up my first sex challenge where I told the world that I want to get fucked by at least 100 different guys at the local dogging spots during summer 2016. This challenge made me hotter than ever before. I had set up myself a goal and I had great ambitions to achieve that goal as soon as possible. I really couldn't get enough and always said: More cocks please! So, since 2016 I set myself a goal every year, a sex challenge, usually a specific number of cocks I want to have fun with, up to a specific date.

This year's challenge started on August 01, 2020 and will end up on December 31, 2020. During this period I try to let at least 100 DIFFERENT guys cum in my mouth or in my puss! Only cumshots in my mouth or puss count, loads on my tits or wherever don't count. And only different guys and loads count. If a guy fucks me twice and shoots two loads in my puss, it only counts as one. Challenge accepted? Challenge accepted! ;-)

Just click on the pic above to go to the sex challenge page, where you'll get more details and where you can always watch the progress of the current challenge.



This is a photo set from one of my most recent adult theater escapade, where I sucked and fucked a total of 14 strangers in and around the gloryhole video boothes, containing nearly 100 pics. This theater has several gloryhole boothes and as I arrived I went straight to them, where my husband started filming me. I went from booth to booth, placed myself on the seats and played with myself. Usually there are no other women at these theaters and so it's super easy for a slut like me to attract attention. I saw an increasing number of men standing behind my husband and watching me showing off and so I quickly grabbed the first cock in sight. I also sucked and wanked a few cocks outside the booth and got some loads on my tits, but most of the time I served cocks inside the booth at the gloryhole. The booth where I was in had two holes, one at the left and one at the right side of the wall and so there are lots of pics in this set where you can watch me wanking, sucking and fucking two cocks at once. I even got spitroasted, with my ass at one hole and getting fucked while sucking off another guy at the other. All in all I served 14 different cocks at the gloryhole that day. Don't forget to watch the corresponding movie which you'll also find in the member area.


As I told you before, I had a lot of fun during my summer holidays in July 2020 and now here comes the first movie filmed during these holidays. It was filmed on a beach which is far away from the tourist beaches and well known as a good meeting point for people who are looking for casual sex. But it was midsummer and many people are taking their vacation and so I decided to visit the beach in the evening hours. That turned out to be a good idea since the beach wasn't a very busy place as I arrived at 7 p.m. I saw no tourists, no families lying on their towels, I only saw a few single guys lying in the dunes or walking around and even some anglers standing at the waters edge with their fishing poles. Seemed to be a good playground for me. I placed myself at the edge of the dunes, a good place to see and to be seen. In the first scenes of the movie you can perfectly see how easy it was to attract attention.

At first I'm teasingthe guys by holding the holidays sign and showing my tits. I can see that some of the guys in the dunes and two of the anglers are now staring at me. In the next scene you can see me sitting at the dunes with bare tits and widespread arms and inviting one of the guys to my place. You can see this guy accepting the invitation by running to my place and sucking at my tits immediately. From their on it's only a matter of time until I'm finding myself on the ground, surrounded by several strangers and getting fucked by all of them. In this movie you can see me getting used by six different guys. One of them was an angler, who just stopped fishing, came over, unzipped his waders, let me suck him off until he exploded in my mouth and then continued fishing, without saying any words. Also, two of the guys used me as their urinal, which you can see in the last scene of the movie. Awesome beach escapade!

Details: Duration 27 min. Format MP4. Quality HD and SD (1800 and 420 MB). Download and stream.


Stay tuned for the first movie filmed during my July 2020 summer holiday, which is coming on Friday, but today we are giving you a set of photos shot during an awesome breeding gangbang earlier this year, where I got banged and totally used as a cum dump by 13 guys at the apartment. You can watch me getting fucked by a total of 13 guys. You can see them shooting load after load in my puss and some loads in my mouth. A true breeding marathon with me as the total cum dumpster. Many great creampie pics here, if you like watching cum dripping out of a well used puss, you will like this set. You can also watch me getting off as one of the bastards cleans my cum drenched puss with his tongue. I shared the party information at my party scheduler in the member area, where I told my fans that I was looking for cocks to use me at the apartment. Over a period of seven hours 13 guys joined the party to bang me, with up to 4 guys at once. Most of them are members of my website and the party turned into an incredible non-stop gangbang.




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