My name is Marion, I'm a slutwife with a never ending hunger for cocks. Welcome to my life! I'm no girl of the industry, I'm a real woman, a real wife that loves to have fun with guys. Lots of guys. The more the merrier. Call me a true gangbang cum slut... I'm happy about that.

I started swinging 20 years ago and quickly my husband started to take pics and videos from all my kinky escapades. I had my first gangbang in 1997, my first gangbang with 20+ guys in 2000, my biggest gangbang was a party with over 100 guys. By the time I'm writing these words over 5000 guys have fucked and creamed me... and I'm still counting since I'm still doing dogging and gangbang escapades frequently.

On my website you always get TRUE REALITY PORN. Nothing is staged here. There are no scripts, no actors. My escapades take place at real public locations, such as Adult Theaters, rest areas, public beaches, clubs and pubs and so on. Most of the guys using/fucking/creaming me are real strangers... guys I've never seen before. Now lean back and enjoy my naughty swinging life. [read more]





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This is the third episode of the 12 hours breeding fuck fest I enjoyed. As you might know, I have set up a lot of sex challenges for the year 2024 to spice up my kinky escapades. One of these challenges was to enjoy a 12 hours non-stop fuck fest at a hotel-room or similar place. With this party I had completed the Fuck Fest challenge, since I got used by lots of fans and followers from 2 pm until after midnight.

I posted this one at my social media to get me enough cocks for such a fuck fest. Actually I wanted to enjoy a 1 on 1 gangbang that day, with one guy fucking me and then, for example 30 minutes later, with the next one arriving to replace his predecessor. But I quickly saw that this plan was impossible to realize. Some of them wanted to check in at 2 pm, some at 4 pm and so on, it was impossible to divide them equally to 30 minutes periods. So I quickly changed the plan and told all interested guys that they can arrive at any time they wish, between 2 pm and midnight. Now I just didn't know when all those guys would arrive... and how many at once. And that made the whole session much more thrilling... now it felt like a true 'open door' fuck fest, with me being ready to get used all the time.

My husband had nothing more to do but to open the doors for my next lovers, making sure that all cams were always placed well, filming creampie close-ups and to clean my creamy puss from time to time. Hubby is the guy with the grey shirt. This third and next-to-last episode displays the next two hours of the party (7 pm - 9 pm). You can just watch me continuing with what I have already done the six hours before... being on all fourth or on my back and taking cock after cock and load after load.

Details: Duration 42 min. Format MP4. Quality Full HD (1000 MB). Download and stream.

Over the past 20+ years I enjoyed several dozens of escapades at the gloryholes. This compilation focuses on the last four years and you can watch me serving 40+ different random cocks at the holes and receiving the same amount of loads in this movie. All of these scenes were filmed at various Adult Theaters which offer gloryhole stalls or rooms with gloryholes in their walls. So, once again, this is 100% true reality porn. It's not staged, there's no director, no script, no actors.

All the guys who are unloading in one of my slutty holes here are real random strangers. This is by far what I love most about serving cocks at the holes... the total anonymity. One of my favourites is to visit theaters at the highway at rush hour, when many guys are on their way home and make a stop at the theater to check out if there's someone who make them unload quickly. I have done lots of gloryhole marathons at rush hour, where I served plenty of cocks, one after the other, for two or three hours or more.

My personal gloryhole record was in January 2024, as I enjoyed 31 cocks in one go. I intend to break this record as soon as possible. 😉 By the way, serving cocks at gloryholes is also my favourite when it comes to do things on my own, without having hubby by my side. When I'm paying the entrance fee to the theater and lock myself at one of the gloryhole stalls I feel safe and ready to serve whatever appears at the hole!

Details: Duration 23 min. Format MP4. Quality Full HD (1000 MB). Download and stream.

Brand new movie, filmed on May 25, 2024. First and foremost, with this huge fuck fest at the parking area I have fulfilled another one of my 2024 sex challenges. One of these challenges was to serve at least 20 guys at a parking area... and that's what I did here. I never expected to fulfill the challenge that day since this is not the most busiest dogging spot I know, but that day the line of cocks seemed to be never-ending. Since I had posted this escapade here at my website and some other sites some of the guys fucking me here are fans and followers, but there were a lot of random doggers that day, also lining up to fuck me and dump their loads. So, all in all I served 22 cocks that day... if I counted correctly.

But first things first. As I arrived at the parking, about an hour before the scheduled time I had posted, it wasn't such a busy place. I saw a few cars parking at the far end and one or two guys walking around at some distance. I placed one cam inside the car while hubby waited outside with the other one. Once I got out of the car I started showing off and presenting one of my infamous signs ('Who wants to fuck me?'). I guess that and my slutty dress was an eyecatcher, since I quickly saw a few guys coming closer. Random doggers obviously, no fans or followers.

But my main mission in life is to get fucked by as many guys as possible and so it only was a matter of minutes until I found myself at the car door, serving the first cocks orally and then being fucked by all of them, one after the other. Later the gang was filled up by my fans and followers and more random doggers, with some of them leaving the party while others arrived. These guys truly lined up to fuck me and as I left the place, nearly three hours later, over 20 cocks had used one of my willing holes. Awesome!

This is the first episode of this huge gangbang, displaying the beginning of the party and the first seven cocks using my holes. Five of them are fucking and breeding me, but I'm also getting some heavy loads on my face and in my mouth. The next movie of this exciting fuck fest at the parking area is coming soon.

Details: Duration 33 min. Format MP4. Quality Full HD (1000 MB). Download and stream.

This week's photo set displays one of my most satisfying outdoor escapades of the past 12 months, where I enjoyed a surprising huge gangbang at the highway rest area, with over 10 guys lining up and taking turn on me in the bushes. Don't forget to check out the corresponding movies of this gangbang, which you will also find in the member area of course. Of course this rest area is a well known dogging spot and it's not the first time I offer my holes there. I love to be the center of attraction for all guys who don't mind being on cam at places like these.

This is one of my favourite cruising areas, there are plenty of movies in the member area, where you can see me getting fucked, gangbanged, cum drenched at the same place. But what makes this escapade a bit special was the sheer amount of greedy guys who were taking turn on me... over 10 cocks fucking me, plus a few more getting sucked off. Not bad. Once arrived in the bushes I was holding a sign with the date on it to attract some attention. I could see some guys standing a few steps away, some with their cocks in their hands. A few minutes and some words later I had the first dick in my mouth. This guy also wanted to fuck me and he nailed me in standing position while I was bend over a tree trunk.

I realised that this is a perfect and comfortable position to get fucked, for him and for me, and so I let all other guys fuck me the same way that day. 10 more guys followed that day. In this set you can see me getting fucked six more times, by five guys (one used me twice). All of them are banging me in that standing position, bend over the tree trunk. In most cases I have a second cock in my mouth while another one fucks me and that's what made this escapade so hot. These fuys really lined up to use me. One was waiting aside, to replace the guy who fucked my mouth, and the cock in my mouth waited to replace the dick in my puss. What else could be better for a horny gangbang cum dump like me?

Third and final episode of the exciting adult theater gangbang, where I enjoyed many cocks at the main cinema room of a local adult theater a few months ago. This was another escapade where hubby stayed home, while I let a group of guys run a train on me. During the past few years I have enjoyed a few escapades at the local porn theaters and outdoor dogging spots while I was on my own, without my husband being by my side. Usually because I was hot and hubby was indisposed. In this case he had a bad cold and wanted to stay home. But I was so hot for cock and cum that I (once again) dared to visit the theater all alone. But that's okay since we both like it when I'm doing my things on my own.

I chose to visit the huge theater at the highway again. I intended to let them use me in one of the main cinema rooms, with big screens on the walls. But when there is no husband filming me I just can't trip to that cinema, lift my skirt and let the patrons do the rest. No, when I'm alone I have to prepare a few things before the fun starts. Getting out the cam, put it on a tripod, placing a few masks within reach... things like that. I already saw some guys staring at me as I began with these preparations.

Once ready I went to the bed in front of the big screen, switched on the tripod cam, got out my self-written sign (Please Fuck Me!)... and from there it was a no-brainer. Though it wasn't the most busiest porn theater I ever saw, I managed it to let 12 guys run a train on me, within the next two hours. Some returned for a second ride after a while, some fucked me bare and some not, some shot their loads in my mouth, some on my tits or in my puss. Hubby missed an exciting gangbang. ;)

Details: Duration 27 min. Format MP4. Quality Full HD (1000 MB). Download and stream.

Just to let you know... I am visiting a cruising area this Friday, June 07, and want to have a lot of fun, with a lot of dicks hopefully. All cocks welcome! Doggers, strangers, fans, regulars! The more the merrier! 😉

If you want to join the bang and be the next in line to fuck me and dump a load or two, just go the party scheduler and announce to the party. Participation is 100% GUARANTEED for all members as long as they meet my criterias (e.g. clean, disease free, at least 25 years and some other things).

Hubby will be by my side, trying to get it all on cam. Though we never film men's faces, you can also put on a mask to hide your face, if you wish.

Last summer I enjoyed several exciting gangbangs at parking and rest areas. This set of photos contains over 100 new pics and displays one of these parking area gangbangs. In this case I enjoyed a really massive creampie fuck fest during one of my infamous sex vacations. I wanted to check out some dogging spots and cruising areas I had heard about, but which are too far away to visit them when I'm at home. So, hubby and me booked an apartment a fair way off, close to those spots. My plan was to visit three different dogging spots: A parking area, a cruising area at the interstate and another dogging spot close to a river. Said and done. I had plenty of fun with plenty of guys during this sex vacation and one of these escapades was the gangbang at the parking area.

After business hours, in the early evening, this place turns from a commuter car park to a playing field for adults looking for casual sex. We had parked the car at the end of the car park and opened the tailgate, where I intended to get laid down. Time for one of my famous signs: Please Fuck Me! But there was no need to attract attention for a longer time, I already saw some guys walking around and some other leaving their cars and coming nearer. Quickly our car was surrounded by a handful of guys.

A few quick words, as usual: Yes, I like to get fucked, no words necessary, hubby is filming, no faces will be on cam. Now a true breeding fuck fest began, since most of these guys fucked me bareback. I stayed there for nearly 3 hours and at the end over 10 guys had fucked me, in the trunk and outside the car. Some returned for a second ride after a while. I got plenty of loads on my face, in my mouth, in my puss. That was such a great fuck fest... I'll be back for more cocks and loads this year, since the next sex vacation comes in May ;)

Today I have updated my party scheduler with all gangbang plans for June 2024.

All gangbangs are free for all, as usual. All cocks welcome! The more the merrier!

If you want to join one of the escapades and be the next in line to fuck me and dump a load or two, just go the party scheduler and announce to a party. Participation is 100% GUARANTEED for all members as long as they meet my criterias (e.g. clean, disease free, at least 25 years and some other things).

Hubby will always be by my side, trying to get it all on cam. Though we never film men's faces, you can also put on a mask to hide your face, if you wish. 😉

At the end of May 2024 I was on a sex vacation and enjoyed gangbangs on three days of the vacation. Actually I wanted to visit the public beach an Day 1 to offer my fuck holes to random cocks there, but weather forecast told me to better skip that plan. It's not the best idea to enjoy a fuck fest on a beach when it's cold and raining. So, a few days before that day I placed notes on my social media and websites where I was looking for some fans and followers to bang me at the apartment instead. I got many responses, far too many to invite them all to the small apartment, but at the end I sent out the invitation to almost 15 guys.

At the end a little more than 10 guys found their way to the apartment to have a good time with me. Not all of them arrived at the same time, some were gone again as some other arrived during this 4+ hours fuck fest, but I was the center of attraction for a group of cocks all the time. Well, except for the first stud who arrived much earlier than the rest and said he had no time to lose due to private reasons. That guy fucked and bred me and was already gone before the next studs arrived. The movie starts with this scene. Hubby was waiting aside and once that guy had dumped his load he cleaned my cum drenched puss with his tongue.

Speaking of hubby and cleaning my puss: Though there was no plan to do that, at this party we have fulfilled another one of my 2024 sex challenges. Hubby had to swallow 10 or more creampies from my cum drenched puss at one party to fullfill the challenge and that's what he did here. He swallowed much more than loads that day. Must have been 14 if I counted correctly ;)

What else to say? It was another great fuck fest with some nice, handsome and wild guys. I got plenty of loads, most in or on my puss or ass. It wouldn't have taken many more creampies to break my old breeding record and thus fulfill another sex challenge... but a miss is as good as a mile..

Details: Duration 31 min. Format MP4. Quality Full HD (1100 MB). Download and stream.

From May 23 to May 26 I was on one of my infamous sex vacations. Now I'm back with loads of video footage of the three gangbangs I enjoyed. On Day 1 I let a room full of cocks gangbang me at the apartment. On Day 2 I visited a local cruising area, where I had some more fun. Finally, on Day 3, I let more guys gangbang me at a parking area.

Here's an extended preview of this exciting sex vacation, giving you scenes of all three gangbangs I enjoyed last week. As you will see, I had plenty of fun. Plenty of cocks. Plenty of loads. Actually I wanted to enjoy cocks on a public beach on Day 1 of the vacation, but weather forecast was too bad to play on the beach and so I changed the plan and invited the guys (fans and followers from my websites and my social media) to the holiday apartment. At the end I have to admit that it was a good decision to change the plan... I enjoyed a very satisfying fuck fest at the apartment with all guys being in excellent form.

I will upload the first full movie of the apartment gangbang later this week, now please enjoy this extended preview full of spoilers of what happened last week ;)

Details: Duration 10 min. Format MP4. Quality Full HD (800 MB). Download and stream.

This is the third and and final episode of the amazing gloryhole marathon, where I sucked and fucked over 20 random cocks at the gloryhole stall of the theater, while hubby stayed home. Filmed a few months ago (it was my final escapade in 2023). Actually I wanted to enjoy a gangbang at the main cinema room that day, but since hubby had to stay home I switched the plan and decided to serve cocks at the hole. I just feel a bit more safe at a lockable gloryhole booth when I have no watchdog by my side.

Once arrived at the theater I paid the entrance fee and went straight to one of the small stalls with a gloryhole in the wall, locked the door behind me, got out the cam(s). It's always a pleasure to serve cocks at the gloryhole and of course I'm aware of the fact that I am usually the one and only woman at the theater, so the patrons are often standing in line to get served by me. But I never expected to enjoy such a gloryhole marathon, with cock after cock appearing at the hole for such a long time. I stayed there for nearly four hours and I obviously served the entire audience. After checking out the video footage I can say I had fun with 22 cocks, by either sucking them off, letting them fuck me or both. Awesome!

In this third and final episode you can watch me serving 7 more cocks to completion, with three of them fucking and one breeding me. Oh yeah, I was a very busy cum slut that day. Just makes me incredibly hot to serve all those strangers cocks at the hole, while hubby has to wait at home ;)

Details: Duration 46 min. Format MP4. Quality Full HD (1300 MB). Download and stream.

The world needs more cumshot compilations! So, here's another one and this time it comes with a little twist: All of the scenes in this compilation were filmed at clubs, bars, pubs and similar places.

Once again I want to tell you, that this is 100% true reality porn. It's not staged, there's no director and no script. All of the guys who are using me as their cum station here, are random encounters. This is by far the most thrilling aspect of my kinky life... to get in touch with guys I have never seen before.

The movie contains over 40 cumshots from over 40 guys dumping their loads in my mouth at the local clubs and bars. Yummy!

Details: Duration 22 min. Format MP4. Quality Full HD (1000 MB). Download and stream.

Brand new Adult Theater escapade filmed by my husband on April 26, 2024. Actually I wanted to visit an outdoor dogging spot that day but the weather was too lousy to play outside. So I just drove to my favourite Adult Theater. As you will see, that was a good decision ;) I drove to the huge porn theater at the highway again. I always liked that theater because of its cinema rooms with real cinema stairs. Many other theaters nowadays offer couches or even beds, but I always loved these old-school rooms with chairs. Reminds me of my first theater gangbangs 20 years ago.

I arrived in the early evening and after paying the entrance fee I went straight to one of these rooms and placed myself on a chair. As usual I saw no other women or couples at the theater, only guys greedily staring at me as I cruised the hallways. For me this is always the perfect starting situation. I only have to break the ice at first, then I'm only one step away from a massive gangbang, with me being the fuck meat for everybody. After I had placed myself on a chair and fished out one of my infamous signs (Please Fuck Me), the ice broke immediately. I was surrounded by cocks quickly.

A few more explaining words (yeah, hubby's filming, but no faces of course) and then, for the next two hours, I found myself being the center of attraction for the entire audience once again. The theater wasn't overcrowded that day, but all in all I got fucked by over 10 guys, with some of them barebacking and breeding me. Some more only wanted me to serve them orally, or only jerked their loads on my face and in my mouth. Not bad for a spontaneous theater visit. This is the first episode filmed that evening. A second and final one is coming soon.

Details: Duration 25 min. Format MP4. Quality Full HD (1000 MB). Download and stream.

Set of photos, containing over 100 pics, displaying one of my infamous gloryhole escapades where I served PLENTY of random cocks at the hole once again. Of course there are also the movies of this escapade in the member area (three movies with a total duration of over 90 minutes). To recap, all of my gloryhole adventures take place at the local adult theaters. This is not a staged gloryhole setting, it's true reality porn where I'm serving REAL anonymous cocks. Not all of the adult theaters I know have gloryhole boothes or rooms with gloryholes, but four of the six theaters I'm visiting frequently offer gloryholes and whenever I'm hot to serve cocks anonymously at the hole I'm driving to one of them.

In this case I returned to one of my favourite theaters, the big one with lots of cinema rooms and a couple of gloryhole video boothes. Some of them even have two gloryholes, one at each wall, to serve more cocks at once. In the beginning it was business as usual: Paying the entrance fee, entering one the boothes as fast as possible, locking the door, turning on the cam(s) and there you go.

The rush hour at this theater starts at 4 o'clock in the afternoon, when many guys finish work and make a quick stop at the theater while being on their way home. For a cum slut like me, who wants to serve as many cocks as possible, it's the perfect time to start serving cocks. So I entered the theater at 4 pm and while cruising to the boothes I a couple of guys crawling the dark floors and staring at me with greedy eyes. I ignored them and moved on to one of the gloryhole stalls. Once inside I locked the door and turned on the cams. Now I was ready to serve all cocks who wanted to be served. And what a great gloryhole session that was! I stayed at the hole for over 3 hours. All in all I served 18 guys that day. Not so bad I guess... ;)

On April 30, 2024 I returned to the inner city cruising area, which is a well known dogging spot for casual sex, especially in the early evening hours when many people are on their way home, back from work. This is another fantastic place, where I always find some random encounters who are willing to use my hungry holes. Actually it's just an extensive public park, but at the end of that park there's a way leading into a huge wooded area, full of pathes and smaller glades. And best of all, it's only a few hundred metres away from the next parking area.

There are almost always guys cruising this area, but to make sure that I really get enough cocks to satisfy my needs, I usually post when I'm heading to that place. Better safe than sorry. And that's what I did here once again. Two days before I posted my intentions (and the meeting point) on my social medias and my loyalfans page. Now, optimally prepared, I drove to the place on April 30, with hubby and his cam by my side. Dressed like a total whore again, I walked from the parking to the cruising area, realizing that I attract a lot of attention.

Once in the bushes I quickly found a good place to serve cocks. Only a few minutes later two guys came along, followed by some studs during the next few minutes. Now surrounded by a group of cocks I started serving them orally. But quickly they took turn on me by fucking me again and again. While some new guys arrived I got fucked while lying on or being bent over a tree stump most of the time. All in all I got used by over 10 guys that day, random doggers and followers. Since some of them unloaded twice I got a good amount of loads, far over ten, on my face and in my mouth and puss. Hubby also got his loads to swallow, since he cleaned my cum drenched puss three or four times. That was another great dogging gangbang!

Details: Duration 23 min. Format MP4. Quality Full HD (1000 MB). Download and stream.

This is me being a cum dump in a public park, with several random encounters standing in line to fuck and breed me. There are also three movies with a total duration of 80 minutes of this hot escapade in the member area. That day I opened my legs for everyone who wanted to fuck me and didn't mind being recorded. This time I decided to visit the dogging spot in the forest park to get me as much cock and cum as possible. There are some park benches at the most lonely spot in the park and this is usually the place where doggers meet to have fun, especially in the evening hours.

I arrived at 6 pm and saw a few guys promenading in the park, walking from bench to bench along the alleys. Time for one of my famous signs! I sat down on one of the benches and held up a sign: CUM SLUT! PLEASE USE ME! Signs like these break the ice immediately, nine times out of ten. It worked again! Like bees around the honeypot the guys surrounded the bench quickly, some of them at some distance, still hesitating and staring at me. Hubby placed a cam beside the bench. A few quick words (We are filming! We have hoods!) and then the first dogger nailed and creampied me, followed by some more guys who were patiently standing in line, waiting for their turn.

And so I got mounted again and again. For over three hours these bastards used my wet hole and dumped one load after another. I only got fucked by six guys, but these guys were on fire, all of them returned after a while to dump another load. So all in all I got over 10 loads that day, most of them in my puss.

The last week I enjoyed two amazing gangbangs, the first one at an adult theater and the second at a local cruising area. We will give you the first movies of these brand new escapades next week, once we have finished cutting them. In the meantime, just enjoy the third and final episode of the amazing breeding gangbang at the highway porn theater, filmed a few months ago.

As I have said before, there are four theaters in my range. Two of them are at highways, a very small one and a huge one. This time I chose to visit the smaller one, simply because I wasn't there for a while. Though I prefer the bigger theaters actually, its advantage is that I don't need to attract attention in any way. I only have to walk inside and a few seconds later all patrons have noticed me. And from there it's usually only a matter of minutes until I'm finding myself being surrounded by cocks... at least if I want them to surround me. Even hubby's cam usually don't stop the guys from dropping their pants and using my hungry holes.

The first movie started with me walking from the car to the entrance of the theater and then getting banged by the first few cocks. It was another no-brainer: I only had to get my coat off, then I was ready to go. To put it in the nutshell: During the next two hours I got used by over 10 random cocks, with some of them returning after a while for a second ride. Most of them fucked me bareback and no holes were barred. In this final episode you can watch me getting the final cocks and loads. I'm getting several loads in my mouth and some more in my puss, there's even some kind of a squirting scene at the end of the movie, where the load is gushing out of my fuck hole. Yummy!

Details: Duration 23 min. Format MP4. Quality Full HD (1000 MB). Download and stream.

It was a busy week full of cocks and loads for me. 😉
After having fun at the Adult Theater on April 26, where I got used by the entire theater audience once again, I spontaneously decided to visit one of the local outdoor dogging spots two days ago, on April 30, 2024.
As you can see on these preview pics, I got used by a good amount of random cocks in the bushes of this well-known dogging spot. Also,  😄
So, there's a lot of brand new stuff waiting to get released. We will edit and cut all that stuff as soon as possible and bring the first movies online next week.




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