Hello to everybody and a big kiss to all cocks all over the world!

My Name is Marion, I'm a slutwife from Europe with a never ending hunger for cocks. My husband was born in the USA and for my parties we're switching from continent to continent, though I do most of the sessions in Europe. Welcome to my life!

To say the most important thing first: I'm no girl of the porn industry. I'm no porn actress. I'm not a prostitute. I'm just a TRUE slutwife. A kinky swinging wife that is into gangbangs, dogging, cumeating, public sex, creampies, gloryholes and many many more. On my site you can watch me getting used by hundreds and hundreds of men. My life is about having sex with as many men as possible. I'm cruising the nation frequently to suck off and fuck almost every guy I meet. I love to eat cum. I love gangbangs, I love bukkake, the more cocks and cum the merrier.

Let me tell you, that everything you can watch on my site is TRUE REALITY PORN! Means, there are no staged settings and no faked places. The guys that are using me are NOT actors, they are REAl guys only, strangers in most cases. You can watch them fucking, using, creaming me at real public locations and dogging spots, such as adult theaters, pubs, bars, clubs, carparks, rest areas, private parties etc. In most cases my husband escorts me, he likes to film all the dirty things I'm doing with the many 100s of cocks.


On this page you can read much more about me, my life, my thoughts, my lust.

So just lean back and enter my kinky world of cock and cum.


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Name: Marion Slutwife

Age: Thirty-Something ;-)

Vital Stats: 34D-28-36

Height: 5' 6''

Weight: Guess...lol

Eyes: Green

Hair: Black, Red or Blonde

Sexual Orientation: Submissive Gangbang Slut

Favourites: Cumeating, Cum Play, Bukkake, Gangbangs

First sexual experience: At the age of 16

First threesome: At the age of 21

First gangbang: At the age of 22

Married since: 1998

Location: USA & Europe



For many years I didn't like the concept of hosting fuck parties or organising gangbangs weeks or months before I'm naughty. When I'm naughty I'm naughty and I wanna fuck right here and now. So I'm often cruising the different places I know (or sometimes I'm just about to know) to find some guys to fuck with. The more the merrier. Most of the time my husband escorts me when I'm on the road and cruising the bars or clubs or rest areas or adult theaters or dogging spots or whatever....you name it. But sometimes I'm even alone on the road, looking for one (or more guys) to have fun with. Let me also recommend you my cock-counter. There you can always take a look on all my recent sexual adventures.

To be honest, I wasn't born as a gangbang slut(wife). It was a slow acting process from my first steps into the wild world of swinging to the present day. I had my first threesome at the age of 18, with my former boyfriend Keith and his buddy. One day Keith brought a buddy with, a guy I already knew. After looking two films on TV Keith said it could be a good idea to play strip poker. Well, I liked the buddy of Keith and so I agreed. One thing lead to another and at the end of the evening, Keith and his buddy were fucking me both. That was my first swinging experience and... what can I say... I liked it.

A couple of years later - I was now married to a guy named Steve, and he's still my husband today - I told hubby about this threesome and some other crazy things I did with Keith. First Steve disliked the idea of sharing me with other guys but to my relief and happiness he's very open minded. And so one day he just said, he doesn't want me to fuck any other guy without him. But I can fuck every guy as long as he's watching or being a part of it. And so I started my kinky swinging life. In these early day we tried out a lot, with single guys, with single girls, with couples, we had lots of fun, really, but actually we both felt this was not perfect. Then one day, Steve invited three guys to our house. I was 22 at that time and this night I had my first gangbang... a small one, but a gangbang nevertheless. And it was great! Those guys just used me and I loved the feeling of getting used and being their fuck doll and cum dump. Now I knew what I wanted to do.

Then, for some years, I hosted gangbangs or bukkake parties, and it was big fun, but then some day I had enough. Hosting (and organizing) gangbang parties means you have to wait a long long time to get some hard dicks. For example it's July and I have to start organizing for a party that is in August or September to get enough dicks for my sexual appetite. In my opinion it's not the best way to satisfy my sexual needs. When I'm naughty I want to have the cock right here and now and not in 4 or 6 weeks.

So I started cruising porn theaters, sex clubs and outdoor dogging spots to get me some cock and cum. And I realised that this was exactly what I had always looked for! Places with lots of men, lots of cocks, and all of them (or most them) ready and willing to use me. I don't know their names, I don't know who they are and what they have done yesterday. But I know they have a cock and a big load for me. And that's what I'm still doing because I just love it. Today I just go out when I'm hungry for men. Most of the time I look for guys at public places like rest areas, porn theaters or swingers clubs. Then when I see a guy (or a gang) and when I like what I see I let him use me. It's just that simple.

My husband filmed my adventures from the very beginning. I really don't know why, but he had always a cam in his pocket and whenever I sucked a cock off or let somebody fuck me, he started to film or taking photos. Years before we launched this website we had tons of good homemade gangbang and cumeating videos and photos, with me getting used by dozens of men. Then one day he came up with the idea of launching a website and presenting my stuff to the world. I was hesitating first, but then I liked the idea of being a public slut... in all senses of the word.

That was the birth of cumdrinkingwife.com, which was launched in 2001. I never expected that my site will make 10 years and longer, but well, now here we still are :-) I'm not 22 anymore and not even 29, but I'm still as naughty as I always was. Well, maybe that's not the whole truth. Today I'm even hotter than I was ever before. I'm still doing sex parties frequently and I'm still cruising the dogging spots and clubs and theaters, looking for many many cocks, looking for fun, looking to be the cum dump for everybody. I just can't get enough. Never.

Now here we are. This year my website has its 13th birthday and this is truly unbelievable. And my cockcounter says I got fucked and used by over 4000 men now and that's even more unbelievable. But believe it or not, I enjoyed every single cock and I don't want to miss any of them!

I don't know what the future brings, but I sure know that I will continue with what I'm doing. I still love to be a dirty slutwife. Still love to a cum dump for all you guys.

I was here, as the web was young and nobody ever heard from facebook or youtube or youporn. And trust me, I intend to stay.

Regards, Slutwife Marion (text updated in May 2014)






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