My name is Marion, I'm a slutwife with a never ending hunger for cocks. Welcome to my life! I'm no girl of the industry, I'm a real woman, a real wife that loves to have fun with guys. Lots of guys. The more the merrier. Call me a true gangbang cum slut... I'm happy about that.

I started swinging 20 years ago and quickly my husband started to take pics and videos from all my kinky escapades. I had my first gangbang in 1997, my first gangbang with 20+ guys in 2000, my biggest gangbang was a party with over 100 guys. By the time I'm writing these words over 5000 guys have fucked and creamed me... and I'm still counting since I'm still doing dogging and gangbang escapades frequently.

On my website you always get TRUE REALITY PORN. Nothing is staged here. There are no scripts, no actors. My escapades take place at real public locations, such as Adult Theaters, rest areas, public beaches, clubs and pubs and so on. Most of the guys using/fucking/creaming me are real strangers... guys I've never seen before. Now lean back and enjoy my naughty swinging life. [read more]





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Here you get three movie trailers of the very kinky and very dirty over 500 hours of original movies you will get in my member area. Movies filmed after 2009 are always coming in FULL HD, the earlier videos are always coming in HIGH RES. Both, download and stream. No restrictions.


Just watch me sucking cock, being fucked in all my holes by hundreds of men and being creamed in and over. If you love watching a slutwife having fun with total strangers you could have some fun with my movies :-)

So, just come inside and see what a truly dirty slut I really am.






Beside my true reality dogging escapades at car parks, rest areas, lakes or wooden areas, I also do huge gangbang parties, some of them hosted by me, some not.


Usually these are the parties where YOU can be a part of the show! Members can join the big gangbangs to get in line and fuck and cream me too. There's one true motto in my life: The more the merrier! There are no limits. So, as long as your 21+, clean and disease free, you can join my parties and use me! Each and every cock is welcome!


Watch the following trailer to get a good idea of what's happening at parties like these:



This is ALWAYS true reality porn. It's not staged. In most cases I fuck with total strangers at public places. I love go out dogging, I love getting used at rest areas, ocean beaches, car parks and similar public places and dogging spots.


One of my favourites are public beaches. I just love to get a gangbang on beaches and I do beach vacations at least two times a year and then I'm looking for strangers to bang me on those beaches. Just watch the next trailer to see what I'm talking about.



Probably it's hard to believe, but over the years I had fun with more than 5000 guys! Just look on the COCK COUNTER page to see that I don't lie. And most of these 5000+ guys have creamed me. They have shot their loads on my face, on my body, in my puss and in my mouth. There's a reason why I once decided to call my site CUMDRINKINGWIFE...because I just love cum. I love cumeating and being drenched in cum in and over. The following trailer will prove that.


By the way, this is the most recent trailer on this page. Many of the scenes in this video were shot in 2018!



In the winter months, when it's too cold for public sex I often visit the local Adult Theaters to feed me cock and cum. I really like sucking off strangers cocks at the gloryhole. I also like getting gangbanged by the entire audience at the dark cinema rooms of these porn theaters. Watch the following trailer to see me being a true cum dump at the local porn theaters.










Here you can watch previews of some more movies you'll get as a member. There are over 500 movies of my original gangbang, cumshot, theater sex and public sex escapades in the member area, growing weekly. Plus over 50.000 original pictures.



The first of hopefully many more gangbangs to come in 2019, filmed at the club on January/05


Alone on the beach and fucking and sucking more strangers, while I'm filming myself


As a good tradition, the final movie of the year: The 2018 cumshot collection with over 40 cumshots all filmed in 2018


The most recent members gangbang, filmed in December 2018, where I got used by over 10 fans and members


The member party filmed in September 2018 at the apartment continues


The breeding gangbang at the rest area with 10+ guys fucking me continues


Hot dogging in a park in autumn and getting fucked by several guys in the bushes


Getting fucked by 15 different guys during one and a half hours at the Adult Theater


Getting 25 cumshots in my mouth during a bukkake party at the club


Filmed during my members party in September 2018. Now the guys are using me in the kitchen.


Brand new beach sex escapade with strangers using me on the beach, filmed in September 2018


New cumshot compilation movie with over 30 cumshots filmed at the local dogging spots


Fucked and bred by 15 strangers at a local Adult Theater, part 2 (final part)


The awesome gangbang at the lake with 12 strangers using me, filmed in July 2018, continues


Two member parties on two consecutive days... this is the first movie from the day one party


Second episode of the longest dogging escapade I ever did, with plenty of guys using me


Second and final movie of the awesome gangbang night with 70 men fucking me


1 on 1 gangbang with 7 members banging and breeding me at a lake


A spontaneous blowbang at the local swingers club with 20 guys creaming me


Fucked and bred by 15 strangers at a local Adult Theater


Gangbanged at a new dogging area right next to the highway, 2nd and final part


Brand new dogging escapade with over 10 guys using and creaming me at a rest area


More hot escapades and fun with strangers at the local Adult Theater


Fantastic new dogging escapade with 12 strangers using me at a lake


Sex party at home with 4 guys, 4 hours of non-stop fucking and 12 creampies


2nd and final movie of the hot beach gangbang in May 2018


I found a new and fantastic dogging spot and this is the first movie we have filmed there


Brand new escapade at the local theater with 10+ guys using me


Awesome! Getting 38 loads on my face at a swingers club


10 strangers fuck me at a dogging spot in the park


At the swingers club without my husband and getting banged by the entire audience


Multiply used at a scenic outpost


Gangbanged by over 10 strangers at a public bar again


Awesome brand new gangbang with 8 guys on a public beach


Final episode of the huge rest area gangbang with over 15 guys fucking me


Going down and dirty at a brand new dogging spot at the highway


My most recent gangbang escapade with 15 guys fucking me


Holding a sign with PLEASE FUCK ME on it and then getting fucked by 10 different guys


creampie collection with 25 new creampies, many of them previously unreleased


Spontaneous escapade at the local ABS, with me serving 10 strangers at the men's room


Surrounded by a wall of cocks and being the cum dump for all of them


Nightly gangbanged by 12 strangers at a dogging spot, final episode


Cruising the theater to get me some more cock and cum


Spontaneous gangbang at the bar, where the bar maid gets fucked by everybody


Some more strangers bang and breed me on the public beach


Awesome gangbang with 70 men using me during a special gangbang night at the club


The second half of this huge bang at the theater with 18 strangers using me


Back at the club, on my knees and sucking off cock after cock


The huge rest area bang continues with the next cocks fucking and creaming me


Brand new escapade at a local theater, with some strangers creaming me in and over


Gangbang party in a hotel room with 14 guys fucking me


Fucked by a total of 10 strangers during a long hot day on the beach


Fucked and creamed by 12 strangers at a higwhay rest stop in January 2018


More guys fucking me in the public toilet


Cumshot collection with over 60 cumshots in one movie, all scenes filmed in 2017


Gangbanged and cum drenched by many strangers at a wooded rest area


Totally unexpected huge gangbang with 18 guys at the Adult Theater


Nightly gangbang at the carpark, with 8 strangers fucking me


Another night at the gangbang club, this time with 17 guys fucking me


Getting six creampies and a few facials on the balcony


My escapades at the XPosed Adult Theater


My 2017 holidays on the beach


The next awesome dogging escapade, with over 15 strangers using me


Watch me getting 15 cumshots on my face and mouth in this movie


Servicing another 10 guys or so at the gloryhole and in the booth


Used by some strangers in a public toilet... so fucking hot!


Fucked by 14 strangers at the local Adult Theater


The huge car park bang with 16 strangers using me continues


Anonymously used by over 20 guys at the club


Another true reality beach gangbang with several strangers fucking me


10 strangers use me at the wooden area in August 2017


Mindlessly banged by 20 guys at the public bar


Many strangers fucking me at the Adult Theater - 2nd and final part


My awesome 2017 birthday party - the final bang, late at night


Again getting fucked by strangers on the beackseat, including raw anal


Getting 21 loads from 15 guys at the highway in June 2017


Barebacked and bred by several strangers on a public beach


Final movie of the breathtaking theater record gangbang


16 strangers using me at my car!


Two creampies and a cum walk on day 2 of my holidays


Gangbanged by 32 guys at the pub! Awesome!


The cars rush on by while I got used by strangers


Car sex compilation with 60 men using me at my car


Brand new beach gangbang, filmed in May 2017


Nicole and me gangbanged by 20+ guys at our cars


Turbo bukkake during my most recent club party


Spontaneously gangbanged by 10 guys at the theater


Fucked by 8 strangers in a public park


19 new creampies in this very sticky movie


Servicing over 20 strangers at a local Adult Theater


Spring has arrived! First dogging filmed in 2017!


Spontaneous bukkake with 10 strangers at a club


Multiply barebacked by strangers on the beach


Used by plenty of men at a huge dogging area


The next 20 guys using at my 2017 birthday party


Three holes for your loads - no waiting


New gloryhole marathon with 17 guys using me at the adult theater booth


40 guys use me in one night - another awesome party


More scenes of the outdoor season 2016


My birthday gangbang with 25 men in January 2017


The November 2016 gangbang party continues


Wow, 70 men! The biggest Adult Theater gangbang ever!


Final movie of the Summer 2016 beach gangbang


All scenes filmed in 2016


Nicole and Marion fucked by strangers at the cars


Banged by 20 guys at the bar in December 2016


More strangers fuck and breed me on the backseat


Over 10 strangers fuck me at the local Adult Theater


Over 10 strangers fucked me at a bathing lake


Thank you guys for spending me so much jizz again!


Multiply fucked and creampied at the mountain lake


Strangers double penetrate me at the Adult Theater


Beach Gangbang with direct view on the water


October 2016 gangbang with 2 sluts and 22 men


Gangbanged by strangers on the backseat of my car


Getting 22 cumshots in less than an hour!


Bareback bitch on the beach, shot earlier this year


Another great gangbang exploit at the pub


Second half of the July 2016 rest area gangbang


Bred and fucked by strangers at the sea in 08/2016


Awesome brand new gangbang at the lake


My mate Lindy, me, and 12 guys having a sex party


Brand new dogging fun with lots of POV scenes


The biggest Adult Theater gangbang so far


Banged by 10 strangers at a new dogging spot


Huge gangbang at the club


Shot during my summer holidays in July 2016


Fucked by plenty of strangers in June 2016


Beach gangbangs in May 2016, Day Two


My pussy needs some loads once again


I have been a total theater whore this year!


I suck and fuck 10 strangers at a highway rest area


25 men fuck me in a local swingers club


Late night dogging creampie gangbang


Beach gangbangs in May 2016, Day One


Final movie of the cumshot party with the loads 19-37


Banged by 8 guys in our bedroom


Brand new car sex dogging filmed in April 2016


Second and final part of this awesome gangbang


15 guys mounting me at the Porn Theater


First movie of this cumshot party with the loads 01-18


Fucked and creampied by some guys at the Theater


All 16 cumshots I got during the beach gangbang 2015


My most recent members gangbang 2nd and final part


Sucking and fucking some strangers at the gloryhole


Filled up with cock, cum and pee at the sea


Huge gangbang exploit with 30 men using me


Getting 28 cumshots on my tongue during one party


My mate Nicole and me with 20 guys in the park


The first gangbang in 2016 with 15 guys mounting me


2nd and final from the huge gangbang at the capital


52 cumshots in one movie - all taped in 2015


Barebacked and creampied on the beach


Brand new adventure at the local porn theater


2nd and final part of this hot hotel gangbang


Groups of guys fucking me at the Adult Theater again


More action at the rest area during my vacation in Italy


Kinky pee and orgy fun taped during my holidays


10 members gangbanged me in November 2015


Gangbang with 10+ strangers at a car park


Member party with 10 fans fucking me


Beach sex compilation movie with 40+ beach sex scenes


Barebacked and creampied on the beach in 08/2015


2nd and final movie from the July 2015 dogging day


I don't leave until at least 20 men have fucked me


Multiply fucked while watching the ocean, final part


Banged by 20+ cocks during my holidays in Italy


2 sluts fucked by 55 men in one night, final part


Creampied by some strangers at a lake again


Fucked by plenty of strangers on the ocean beach


12 guys fucking and creampie me in my car


10 guys taking turn on me


Marion the true cum dumpster


Getting 5 facials and 3 creampies this day


Four strangers fucking me at the local Adult Theater


Pulling the gangbang train again...


13 men gangbang two sluts at the highway


Three bastards give me 7 creampies and 3 facials


Fucked and cum drenched by 50 guys in parking lots


Second part of the April 2015 gangbang on the beach


Fucked and creampied by 5 strangers at a lake


Gangbanged at the club in May 2015


3 days ago four guys creampied me


Used by 10 guys on the beach in April 2015


Used by over 15 strangers at a local dogging spot


My girlfriend Sandra and me gangfucked by 55 men


On my knees again, getting over 15 cumshots


Sucking off over 10 guys at a car park


Cum dumpster for 20 cocks


Cum dumpster at home


Brand new public adventure filmed in March 2015


Marion the toilet whore


More dogging fun at the public park


Being a piece of meat for some cocks


Starting the outdoor season 2015!


Creampied and gangbanged by some members


Nicole and me gangbanged by 20 men in public


30 men use me in a club


Final movie from my 2014 holidays at the beach


Getting fucked by 12 guys at the Capital Theater


Getting some creampies and facials at a car park


Public cumshot collection, 35 cumshots in one movie


GB filmed in December 2014, with me in the pillory


Kinky outdoor fun with several guys


Creamed in and over by some of my members


More guys feed me cum right next to the interstate


Marion and Nicole gangbanged at the Adult Theater


2nd and final part of the most recent car park orgy


Massy guys fucking me at a nude beach


Used by a room full of guys again


Me and my mate Nikki fucked by many strangers


On members request: Spit roasting compilation


Several guys peeing on me in a public park


My mate and me cum drenched by lots of guys


Over 20 creampies in one movie!


Gangbanged by 10 guys at a car park


Orgy at the holiday resort, part 2


Brand new dogging fun filmed in August 2014


Me and my mate Lindy gangbanged by 50 men


Part 2 of Nikki's and Marion's Highway Gangbang


Creamy fun with strangers in the park


I got 40 cumshots on my face within 3 hours


Sucking off many strangers at the lakeside


Fucked and creamed by 7 strangers at the highway


Bukkake party with me and my girlfriend Lindy


Another thrilling day at the nude beach


Second and final part of this gangbang exploit


Me and my girlfriend Nikki gangbanged by 13 men at the highway rest area


Fucked by some strangers in the dunes


Brand new dogging in public


22 men run a train on me


Fucked by several strangers at a rest area


2nd part of the marathon, sucking off the cocks 11-19


Gangbanged on the balcony of our holiday resort


My most recent gangbang exploit


Fun with strangers at the ocean in April 2014


2nd and final part of the wild spontaneous gangbang


My new cum collection, all scenes filmed 2013/2014


Car park sex with strangers


Watersports at the water :-)


My most recent gangbang exploit.


Kinky cum eating session.


Fucked and creampied by some guys in my car.


1st part of the marathon, sucking off the cocks 01-10


Awesome bukkake exploit.


Final movie from this late 2013 outdoor fun.


Gangbang turns into pee session.


Fucked by some truckers at a rest area.


Huge gangbang exploit with my mate Nicole and me


Fucked and bred by strangers at a porn theater.


Fun with strangers at highway rest area.


Party bitch fucked by 7 men.


Fucked, creampied, pissed on in public


Gangbang turns into pee party.


Having sex with strangers at the Adult Theater again.


Used by strangers in rest area.


My mate Nicole and me got fucked by 45 men


Second and final part of the most recent Motel orgy.


Trying out a new Theater in October 2013.


Final part of the Ocean Beach Gangbang.


My gloryhole marathon. Not staged. True reality.


Fucked and creampied by strangers outdoors.


Huge session with 70 guys.


Pee fun with strangers at the beach.


Fucked by 7 men at a cheap motel.


Different cumshot scenes combined to one movie.


Gangbanged at the club.


Creampied by strangers at the beach.


Cum dump lying in the dirt.


Outdoor fun in June 2013, second and final movie.


Filmed in June 2013 getting 40 cumshots on my face.


Fun at the local Adult Theater.


Gangbanged at the ocean beach in July 2013.


Awesome! 70 men taking turn on me.


The total degradation of a slutwife.





Used by 10 strangers at the porn theater.


Outdoor fun in June 2013.


My young mate Nicole and me with 13 guys.





Hotel Room Gangbang.


Having some kinky pee fun in May 2013.


Cum slut for strangers at a huge private party.


Next big movie from the stunning bar gangbang.


Fuck and pee session with 7 men.


Sucking off 5 cocks, getting 4 cumshots.


Over 10 guys fucking me at the porn theater.


Fucked and pissed on by some strangers.


Last part of this stunning gloryhole session.


Gangbanged by many strangers.


Mmy most recent fan gangbang with 6 members.


More 2013 gloryhole fun.


Hotel fun with 10 men.


My long-term movie documentation - Part 4.


21 men fucking me the cocktail bar.


Flashing and fucking indoors and outdoors.


Brandnew Gloryhole Movie.


All cumshots I got at this party in one movie.


Big fun at the local Adult Theater.


Hotel fun with 10 men.


21 men gangbang me at the bar.


Fun with 14 strangers at the theater.


Me and my mate and 30 men.


Anal sex and double penetrations.


Gangbang at the cocktail bar.


Doing many strangers at the gloryhole.


Cumshot party with 30 men and 2 girls.


Great session with 8 guys.


Chapter 3 of my long-term documentation.


Member party with 11 men creaming me and my mate Nicole.


2nd movie from my kinky holidays 2012.


Quick fun on a lousy Tuesday afternoon.


Brandnew movie section launched in October 2012.


My holiday movie 2012.


15 men fucking me at the hotel.


July Gangbang with Nicole and Marion.





Sucking off loads of strangers at the hole.


My mate and me gangbanged by 11 fans.


Gangbanged before birthday party.


Sucking at the hole, saving cum in a bowl.


Strangers feed me cock and cum at the theater.


Party with my mate Nicole and me..and 10 men.


Brandnew cum collection with over 50 cumshots.


Sucking at the hole, saving cum in a bowl.


Fucked by 12 men in June 2012.


Gangbanged and abused by six guys.


Second and final chapter of the public gangbang.


Gangbanged by strangers again.


Creamy fun at the local gloryhole.


Great creampie compilation movie.


2nd and final chapter of the Adult Theater orgy.


The May 2012 Carpark Gangbang.


Spontaneously visiting the night club.


The awesome March 2012 Adult Theater orgy.


Final part of the cumshot record party.


Fun with strangers at the Adult Theater restroom.


Hotel gangbang with 15 users.


50 men using me at the Adult Theater, 2nd part







Final chapter of the gloryhole gangbang.


Sucking off a couple of strangers at the theater.


My early years, filmed between 1992 and 2001.


Filmed on February 11, 2012 at the new club.


More Adult Theater fun with lots of strangers.


Third part of the November 2011 experiment.


Blindfolded and abused by 10 men.


Adult Theater fun with lots of strangers.


Gang fucked by over 10 truckers.


The member gangbang and piss party.


Porn theater gangbanged by over 10 guys.


More of the November 2011 experiment.


Gang fucked by over 10 truckers.


Marion doing the gloryhole again.





The November 2011 cumshot record trial.


A new great cumshot collection.


2nd and final part of the September 2011 exploit.


Strangers pissing on me.


The September 2011 exploit.


Fucked by over 10 strangers outdoors.


Member gangbang with 15 guys.


Most recent gloryhole fun.


Adult Theater gangbang with strangers.


Fun with strangers at the carpark.


My early movies from the pre-digital era..chapter 1


Gangbang exploit with 60 men.


Marion's ultimate gangbang collection..chapter 2


Gangbanged by strangers in the movie theater.


Threesome outdoors.


Dogging Marion fucked by 10 strangers.


Lots of guys and loads of cum.


7 strangers fucking me at home.


9 guys pissing on me.


Start of a new great compilaton series.


Gangbang with 57 guys.


Great cumshot compilation. Final chapter.


Fun at the highway. 2nd and final chapter.


Gang fucked by over 20 strangers.


Fourth and final chapter of the 60 men gangbang.


14 hours member party, second chapter.


Marion fucks with strangers at the Adult Theater.


Gangbanged by 60 guys.


Gangbanged by strangers at the public beach.


March 2011 gangbanged by 30 guys.


25 Guys gangbang and piss party - 2nd chapter.


Cum slut at the highway.


14 hours member party.


6 guys feeding Marion with pee.


Theater sex with over 10 guys.


Creamed by over 20 guys in the Theater.


Drinking gallons of piss.


Gangbang exploit with 60 guys.


Marion fucked by 10 guys at the lakeside.


25 Guys gangbang and piss party.


Creamed by over 20 guys in the Theater.


2010 Cumshot Compilation.


Marion creamed by 8 guys in the carpark.


Bukkake Party with over 30 guys.


At the gloryhole, sucking off 15 cocks.


Marion and 60 guys.


Marion and 10 guys.


Marion and 6 guys.


Marion and 53 guys.


Marion and several guys.


Marion and 65 guys.



Marion and 60 guys.



Marion and 15 guys.



Marion and 71 guys.



Marion and 65 guys.



Marion and 25 guys.



Marion and 5 guys.



Marion and 65 guys.



Marion and 53 guys.



Marion and 13 guys.



Marion and 65 guys.



Marion and 71 guys.



Marion and 6 guys.



Marion and 51 guys.



Marion and 22 guys.


Marion and 22 guys.


Marion and 15 guys.


Marion and 20 guys.


Marion and 6 guys.


Marion, Lindy and 60 guys.


Marion and 51 guys.


Marion and 22 guys.


Marion and 33 guys.


Marion and 7 guys.


Marion, Lindy and 57 guys.


Marion, Lindy and 60 guys.


Marion and 12 guys.


Marion and 18 guys.


Marion and 28 guys.


Marion and Steve.


Marion, Lindy and 60 guys.


Marion, Lindy and 20 guys.


Marion and 18 guys.


Marion and 28 guys.


Marion, Lindy and 33 guys.


Marion. Lindy, Sandra and 80 guys.


Marion and 11 guys.


Marion, Lindy and 58 guys.


Marion, Lindy and 70 guys.


Marion and 28 guys.


Marion and Steve.


Marion, Lindy and 58 guys.


Marion and 3 guys.


Marion, Lindy and 58 guys.


Marion and 10 guys.


Marion and 50 guys.


Marion and 70 guys.


Marion and 50 guys.


Marion, Lindy and 40 guys.


Marion, Lindy and 62 guys.


Marion and 17 guys.


Marion and 5 guys.


Marion and 9 guys.


Marion, Lindy and 62 guys.


Marion and Steve.


Marion, Helena and 11 guys.


Marion and 18 guys.


Marion and 8 guys.


Marion and 25 guys.


Marion, Lindy and 70 guys.


Marion and 3 guys.


Marion, Helena and 11 guys.


Marion and 3 guys.


Marion and 25 guys.


Marion and 12 guys.


Marion and many, many guys.


Marion and 21 guys.


Marion and 8 guys.


Marion and 43 guys.


Marion and 8 guys.


Marion, Lindy and 12 guys.


Marion and 53 guys.


Marion and many many guys.


Marion and 8 guys.


Marion and 43 guys.


Marion, Lindy and many many guys.


Marion and 12 guys.



Marion and 9 guys.


Marion and 8 guys.


Marion and 8 guys.


Marion and 29 guys.


Marion and 43 guys.


Marion, Lindy and 10 guys.


Marion and 16 guys.




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